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    I think the problem we all have with boys names on girls (those of us that do), is that they don't go back and forth. Boys names only go to girls, and girls names never go to boys.
    Yes, and I find this very annoying, which probably explains why I dislike boys names on girls. Once a boys name "goes to the girls", it never goes back. Think of Ashley, Evelyn, Kelly, etc. You could use these names on a boy, but I'd bet most people would consider them "girly" names. When a parent chooses a "male" name for their daughter, I don't think it's necessarily a deliberate comment on feminism, but I agree it's an admission that masculinity is preferable to femininity (if that makes sense). I guess, maybe, I just prefer girls names on girls and boys names on boys! I suppose I'm rather conservative in my naming tastes
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    I'm lukewarm about it as a boy's name, but I don't care for it at all on a girl. I think it sounds way too trendy, and yet it somehow still lacks the attractiveness of many other trendy names. I'd really only consider it if it had SIGNIFICANT personal meaning.

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    I do not see lincoln as a unisex name, it's all boy.
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    Thanks for all your replies. While the angry responses didn't surprise me because it seems to be a normal reaction to the name Lincoln on a girl, I have to admit that my jaw was hanging open at just HOW angry some of you sounded. Wowzas. You will probably be happy to know that I have definitely lost some love for the name after reading such negativity. Thanks again.

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    The negativity to this name surprises me too. Personally I think the name is cute for a girl. But I guess I'm one of those rare lovers of unisex/boys names for girls here on Nameberry. The only things is, I have to agree that it will be assumed that you "copied" Kristen Bell and it is becoming a bit trendy... But if that doesn't matter to you, go for it! If you love the name, use it and don't let others' opinions sway you.

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