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    If you love it then choose it!
    Actually I think its pretty on girl and this name has long history behind it.
    Lincoln has cute nn such as Lili, coli and nico.
    Give her a super girly middle name so it can balanced
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    Don't do it to your daughter
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    Hmm... I really like the name Lincoln.. For a boy. I'm not a fan in general of unisex names, I normally like very feminine names for girls. However, if I met a little girl named Lincoln, I would probably think it was adorable and not think her mom was insane. Also, I happen to love the name Mackinley for a girl, which is, of course, another president name. So, if you like it, go for it. I wouldn't, but that doesn't mean you can't. As long as you give her a feminine middle name, and maybe have a possible nickname in mind, it will be fine! Go for what you love!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gblondie View Post
    I do not see lincoln as a unisex name, it's all boy.
    Ditto for me!

    If people keep using all the masculine names on girls, the names start to lose their masculinity. That is the main reason why I don't like that trend. I love very masculine names on boys/men, that is just my cup of tea, so to see those names used on "cute little girls with pigtails", drives me crazy.
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    Not a unisex name. It's a boy's name. End of.
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