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    Cair Paravel :)
    Personally, I would love to see Pax and Wilder as brothers. With that fiery "X", Pax doesn't seem all peaceful, and thanks to some pretty awesome authors (Laura Ingalls Wilder! Thornton Wilder! Oscar Wilde!), Wilder doesn't seem all wild-child, either. I think Pax and Wilder would be fab for brothers, I really love it.
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    I did immediately see the irony of the two names when used together. That said, I think that the image that each name projects is much different than the meanings. Both names are the same style-wise and contain unusual letters (the x and w). I think they would make a fabulous sibset!

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    the only thing I could think of was Wild(wilder) animals running in packs(pax)
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    Haha, I am sure that, if I'm lucky enough to have two boys someday, I will send them out into the backyard to run each other in circles until they're worn out, and at that point, I will think of wild packs of animals!

    I'm so glad that the general consensus is positive! It's funny how one's taste in names can change; I've always loved Pax, but even a year ago was much more traditional (Julian, Theodore, Arthur, Andrew, George) generally. I still like those, but have found that I now prefer many word names or literary last names or something (like Wilder, Hale, Morrow, etc.). I think those fit with Pax a little better, too. Now if I just had some kiddies to name...

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