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    I only like Coraline and Amabel. Really love Amabel. Such a nice alternative to Annabel
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    Midnight - Might make a cool middle name, but as a first name, its a little too out there.
    Belladonna - Seconding the prima donna comment, as it was also my first thought.
    Bellamy - Love, love! One of my favorites; it's also in my top ten list.
    Amabel - I prefer Mabel, I find it sweetly simple.
    September - Nothing about the name September appeals to me, while the month can be a pretty time, there's other names to reflect that better than September.
    Snow - Cool middle name choice, but I don't think it would work as a first name.
    Thorfinna - This doesn't appeal to me, I like Thora and Finna better.
    Coraline - I prefer Corliss or Coralie more. I've never been a fan of -line endings (sound, not spelling).
    Eternity - Cheesy was my first impression. It could, possibly, maybe be pulled off in the middle, but it would take a strong kid to do so.
    Winter - Okayish, but not for me.
    Remember - Cheesy. I don't like it for a first or middle name.
    Primrose - Cute! Might be a little too Hunger Games right now, but it's a pretty name nevertheless.
    Acacia - Cute! Very pretty sound.
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    Coraline - love! extremely usable imo
    Bellamy - pretty, different but it's many nn's make it very accessible.
    Winter -nice, usable though definitely unique
    Amabel - pretty, looks made up and will be forever mistaken for Anabel but it is a very lovely name
    Acacia - different but a nice sound, nice nn potential

    Primrose - meh, not really my cup of tea. I know it's getting popular but for me it's fully in mn spot territory
    Belladonna - pretty enough but the poison would completely put me off
    Snow - meh, it's too literal for me, interesting mn
    Thorfinna - this one is just very unfamiliar and would be hard to wear in many countries, especially with the resurgence in knowledge of Thor
    September - too literal for me again--like naming a kid "Month" or "Saturday"
    Remember - this one has a very tacky vibe to me, I can see the nn potential, but I prefer Ember or Reverie. Also, I personally wouldn't want the word "member" in my name.
    Eternity - again very literal, and a tad tacky. I'd prefer something like Ever
    Midnight - rather a negative connotation for me and not really all that pretty in terms of nn's and such, I don't like it
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    Midnight - Not a fan for an actual child, but this could be a cool name for a story character.
    Belladonna - I think this is pretty, but seeing as this is also a plant also known as Deadly Nightshade, it seems a bith morbid unless you are naming a vampire.
    Bellamy - Kinda goes along with the falling-off-trend of Bella names. Okay, I guess, but doesn't thrill me.
    Amabel - This one is cute. And I love a good historical nod.
    September - Some month names I can get behind. April, May, June, August are ubiquitous. January is growing on me. July is doable, even March as a middle. I just can't get behind September, October, November, December because of the -ber ending. And February is just a no.
    Snow - Maybe for a middle. A little too fairytale for a first.
    Thorfinna - I'm not really sure how to respond to this one. It just looks a little made up and silly to me, sorry.
    Coraline - Of course, my first thought is the book turned movie. I like it, but still prefer Caroline.
    Eternity - Just, no.
    Winter - I actually really like this for a middle, but not sure I can get behind it as a first.
    Remember - I'm not sure how well this would work in today's world, but it is a common Puritan virtue name, and a lot of those are popular now or up and coming, so it could work. My favorite virtue names are Felicity, Verity and Temperance.
    Primrose - Another obvious reference: The Hunger Games. That said, I do like it. I love almost any name with Rose in it and this one is a quirky and unusual take on Rose.
    Acacia - I do like a lot of flower names, but because I have the hardest time pronouncing this one, I've just never been able to get behind it.
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    Midnight - not bad in the middle spot, but definite no as a first name
    Belladonna - Not a fan. Sound a little stripperish. Try Annabella instead.
    Bellamy - I adore this name! It's in my top ten, so I say YES
    Amabel - this just looks weird. I still don't know how it's pronounced, and it sounds very babyish. I can't picture it aging well.
    September - as far as month names, it's not the best, but the nn Ember is a nice bonus. But September is my least favorite month, so I'm not a fan.
    Snow - I like this. It's a little out there, but it evokes such lovely pictured of glistening landscapes. If not, Winter is a great related name.
    Thorfinna - I really dislike this. It looks masculine and made up. Sorry!
    Coraline - I really like Coraline, though I'm not a huge lover of Cora. But this is such a great alternative to Caroline.
    Eternity - I can't immediately see any good nn for this, which I normally look for in unique picks like this. It just doesn't sound like a name.
    Winter - I adore Winter. It deserves its spotlight as a first name.
    Remember - I prefer Memory. Remember is so frequently used as a word that it sounds wrong as a name.
    Primrose - I never liked Primrose. I guess in retrospect its a perfectly decent name, but it's so...Hunger Games.
    Acacia - I picture many pronunciation issues with this. And the trees (thorn acacia) aren't particularly attractive. how about Acadia?

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