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    Hogwarts Sorting Hat: Name the First Years

    Similar to the Build a Sibset game except we're going to be the Sorting Hat and build a class of first years. As such the sets don't have to match, just "sort" a first and middle name into each House!

    We will work on the assumption that each House has five boys and five girls so rotate genders -- if the previous name in house is female choose a male name and vice versa. When we get to ten names, hooray! --that class goes on to their second year and we can start again.

    Gryffindor: Bronwyn Lily

    Hufflepuff: Meriadoc Thomas

    Ravenclaw: Chloe Anne

    Slytherin: Jude Alexander

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    Gryffindor: Bronwyn Lily, Maxwell Dane,

    Hufflepuff: Meriadoc Thomas, Aria Josephine,

    Ravenclaw: Chloe Anne, Timothy Michael,

    Slytherin: Jude Alexander, Piper Anneliese,

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    Gryffindor: Bronwyn Lily, Rohan Bodhi,

    Hufflepuff: Meriadoc Thomas, Rowena Helene,

    Ravenclaw: Chloe Anne, Samson Silas,

    Slytherin: Jude Alexander, Hespera Vesper,
    Amedeo Enjolras Aristotle Leonardo Archer Olivier Mischa Liam Caspian Benedict Theodore Fitzwilliam
    Rosalie Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Alice Elisabeth Stella Titania Artemis Cicely Margarethe Thalia Astrid

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    Laura & Derek

    Adela - Camille - Evangeline - Margaret - Selene
    Arthur - Gabriel - Graham - Miles - Shepherd

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Andromeda - Lúthien - Vesper - Zephyr

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    21 year old writer, uni student and name nerd.

    Ramona June ~ Rowan Barbara ~ Audrey Rosetta ~ Zelda Felicity ~ Aphra Francine ~ Briony Auden ~ Alba Evelyn ~Tamora Fable ~Io Salome
    Oscar Louis~ Jack Stephen Bradley~ Julian Fox ~Vincent Hector~ Byron Haddox~ Basil Henry~ Franklin Wise ~ Asa Laurent~ Alastair Frederick

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