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Thread: Name Quiz

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    Name Quiz

    Daughter 1 - FN
    What do you most enjoy shopping for?
    Clothes - Lilah, Paige, or Rosalie
    Home Decor - Jenna, Theresa, or Lorelei
    Electronics - Anya, Piper, or Sabrina
    Groceries - Meg, Linnea, or Samantha
    Office/School Supplies - Maria, Genevieve, or Hannah

    Daughter 1 - MN
    Which store do you prefer?
    Target - Fiona, Willow, or Penelope
    Walmart - Kelsey, Jade, or Nicole
    K-Mart - Stella, Faye, or Hope
    Shopko - Neve, Jillian, or Cassandra

    Son 1 - FN
    Which news network do you prefer?
    CNN - Asher, William, or Oscar
    Fox - Timothy, Jedidiah, or Benjamin
    NBC - Cole, Dalton, or Robert
    CBS - David, Levi, or Walter
    ABC - Preston, Jack, or Quentin

    Son 1 - MN
    How would you spend your ideal weekend?
    At home, reading or watching movies - Edward, John, or Lucas
    Shopping - Thomas, Avery, or Milo
    At a cabin on a lake, relaxing - Jeffrey, Gabriel, or Shawn
    Visiting museums or going to the theater - Caspian, Lawrence, or Theodore
    Partying with friends - Dylan, Cade, or Patrick

    Daughter 2 - FN
    What is your favorite month?
    December or November - Natalie, Christine, or Eleanor
    September or October - Julia, Hazel, or Autumn
    January or February - Lucille, Winter, or Petra
    March or April - Reina, Gwendolyn, or Susan
    May or June - Lilah, Summer, or Caroline
    July or August - Marina, Juliet, or Rhea

    Daughter 2 - MN
    What is your favorite form of exercise?
    Dancing - Miriam, Freya, or Chloe
    Running - Brietta, Jessica, or Erin
    Walking - Nora, Elise, or Tabitha
    Playing tennis or golf - Emily, Cora, or Rachel
    Lifting Weights - Greta, Hillary, or Ava
    Yoga - Rebecca, Lyra, or Halle

    Son 2 - FN
    What is your favorite planet?
    Saturn - Bryce, Miles, or Edwin
    Jupiter - Louis, Chord, or Jacob
    Mars - Mark, Nathaniel, or Darren
    Venus - Ephraim, Grant, or Sebastian
    Neptune - Harmon, Asa, or Liam
    Uranus - Calvin, Brandt, or Peter
    Mercury - Ryan, James, or Frank

    Son 2 - MN
    What is your favorite school supply?
    Pencils - Noah, Christopher, or Elijah
    Marker/Crayons/Colored Pencils - Cordell, Ezra, or Samuel
    Notebooks and Folders - Ralph, Philip, or Michael
    Backpacks and lunch boxes - Everett, Cedric, or Ulysses
    Locker decorations - George, Dalton, or Cane

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    Clara Misha Esther Agnes •• Gustav Vincent Graham

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    Dominika Elwira | 20 | Hufflepuff and proud of it!
    Current favs: Eliza | Jana | Ignacy | Miłosz

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