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Thread: Briar

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    It reminds me of Brian which to me is dated so I am not a big fan on boy or girl.... Plus for me it is hard to get over the sleeping beauty connestion...
    boys names drive me crazy!

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    I was reading abook the other day and there was a female character called Briar. And it struck me how harsh this would be on a little girl or women. Briar-Rose or Briar-anything has the second name to soften it a bit. So I think as a stand alone I might prefer Briar on a boy. (Not as a double name though).
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    I actually think it sounds more masculine and I think the reason most find it feminine is due to Sleeping Beauty (Briar Rose), it's totally unisex, but I always found it a bit harsh on a girl. Even the fairies called her Rose.....

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    My son is Bryar =) We have received so many compliments on his name. We have met 2 other Briars/Bryar's and they were both boys. We were unaware of the Sleeping Beauty connection...we actually heard it on a movie...a character Liam Neeson played..Briar Gates.
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    I don't see this as a girl's name at all. I really like it.
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