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    Kalvin Ryen & Lidya Rilie join the family!

    Cora and Ewan Hastings are pregnant with their first child, but they aren't finding out the gender so they need a name for a girl and one for a boy. They want a familiar but not overused first name, with a more out-there middle.

    Additionally, they:
    - Don't want any S sound in the name
    - Don't want a two syllable first
    - Want a middle that ends in A.
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    Anthony Grainne
    Michaela Lorelei

    Lillian 'Lily' and Nicholas 'Nick' are expecting their first boy, second child. Find a familiar first name with a cute nickname. For the middle honor one of the grandfathers indirectly: Vincent Kale Jackman. Make sure it works with sister Madison 'Maddy'.
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    Robert Caelan "Robbie"

    Ezra and Michelle are having their third boy. Older brothers are Winslow James "Win" and Alasdair Luke "Al". They would like their son's name to fit into the same pattern--unusual FN, common Biblical MN, and short, snappy nickname.
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    Beckett 'Beck' Elijah

    Josie and Thatcher are expecting their first boy. They want a name that sounds soft, but not feminine. The MN should be unisex but mostly common on boys.
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    Hugo Taylor

    Ainsley Jane is a teen mother. She already has DD Camellia Jane, and is now expecting a second girl. She wants the name to be as unique and pretty as Camellia's. It should not be a flower name, and MN should honour Ainsley's best friend Emily Nicole Pauline. She loves names that end in IA. It should not start with C and should be at least 3 syllables.
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