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    Abigail Saffron May
    Digby Bartlett James

    Lucia and Eamon are about to welcome their fifth child, a sibling for their son Darius and daughters Rooney, Lux and Cleo. They have chosen to wait until the birth to find out the sex of the baby, so they need names for both genders. They would like baby's first name to be one syllable and have a meaning that relates to the ocean in some way. His/her middle name should be longer and sound quite exotic.

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    Pearl Ramona

    Mr Penwithy is an inventor. Him and his wife are expecting a baby girl. The invention he is working on at the moment is a pair of wings one can actually fly like. She likes antique names like ancient relics and he prefers masculine but meaningful. Together they would like a name that mixes flying, engineering, wings and history in a fn and a mn. The name must have scope for a 3 letter nn.
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    Jenna and Harvey are expecting a son, brother for Ossian Thomas, Cyrus James and Pandora Violet. They would like his name to begin with the letter L, have ties to Spain as both parents have family history there, and to be quite uncommon. His middle name should be a strong, classically masculine name along the lines of David or William.

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    Lautaro Benjamin

    Jessica and Michael are expecting another child, a son. Their first son, Thomas Jensen, passed away shortly after birth, so they would like their baby's first name to honour him in some way. He must also have two middle names- the first middle name must start with A and be rather uncommon, and he second middle name must be related to a bird.
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    Jen and Niall are welcoming girl twins. They have a little girl called Rose Ella Marie. They'd like the twins names to have the same meaning. Their first middle name should begin with E and their second middle name should honour one of their grandmothers (Elizabeth and Carole).

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