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    Faith Clara Imogen Georgiana

    Oliver and Michael are adopting their second child, a daughter from Ireland. They already have one daughter from Taiwan, Imogen Olivia Phailin. In Imogen's case, they gave her an everyday name, a middle name stemming from Oliver's name, and they have kept the name she was born with as a middle name. In the case of their newest daughter, they wish to do the same thing. They would like for her first name to begin with C and be two syllables long, however they do not want to use the name Charlotte. Her middle name must stem from Michael's name, and they wish to keep her original name as a third middle name, Aoife.
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    Mila and Dominic are expecting their fourth child, a brother for Iris June, Henry Lloyd and Eloise Ray. As you can see they have a penchant for old-fashioned names but that don't sound out of place for children today. The baby's first name should be 3 syllables long (as Iris and Henry both have two syllables and Eloise is the only one with 3) and his middle name must be monosyllabic. No repeating initials (so no M, D, I, J, H, L, E or R names).

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    Amy and andrew andrews are having their third child.the others called aemelia and ashleigh. the boys name has to have 4 syllables and begin with a. mn has to be masculine but contain an l and a.
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    Patrick and Demi are expecting twin boys, brothers for Briseis Lucia, 7, and Elula Manon, 4. For their sons they would like names that have Greek or Roman roots, preferably three syllables and one of them should end in -us but not the other. One boy's middle name should be Italian and the other should be French.

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    Hannah and Adam are expecting a daughter! The new baby will have 2 older sisters- Francesca Sabine Pearl and Giovanna Sibyl Sky. They want her name to end with an a and be at least 3 syllables long. The first middle name should start with the letter s and not end in an a. The second middle name should be one syllable and related to nature or the ocean.
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