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    Ave Maria Luz
    Mary Ann Valencia

    Milo Javier
    Francis Viggo

    Beth and Rob are having twin girls! They're very picky, they want the babies' names to start with A, B or C and to end with a vowel. They want the names to have a meaning theme (I.e. Both to mean beautiful/happy/etc). They want the middles to be colour names but not Violet or Scarlett.
    Coraline, November, Lavinia, Elodie, Dorothy, Sybil, Rose, Evelyn, Helena, Ingrid, Margaret, Freya, Lavender, Daphne, Anaïs

    Alaric, Anson, Oscar, Hawthorne, Cormac, Kenneth, Lucian, Nero, Orion, Seamus, Angus, Benjamin, Cain

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