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    Nora and Oscar silverstien are a Wholistic couple who are expecting two girls. they love nature and word names but want a name under 8 letters. The middles cannot have four sylables and cannot start with the letter G or H.

    Clover Margaret Silverstein
    Hazel Miranda Silverstein

    Suzanne "Suzie" and Henry "Harry" Lloyd are 36 and 37 years old, respectively. They have two children already, Rebekah Silver and Harrison Slate, who are 11 and 8 years old. Suzanne's current pregnancy was unplanned, and what they thought were girl twins turned out to be G/G/B triplets! What a whammy! Suzanne's middle name is Rose, and Harry's is Auburn, and they've decided all of their children must have color words as middle names. They like classic, easily recognized first names, but nothing too popular, and so prefer names in the Top 200-300 range for the previous couple of years. They don't like alliteration - neither firsts nor middles can begin with L, and would prefer the firsts to have two or three syllables to balance out "Lloyd." Name those G/G/B triplets!

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