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    Allegra Clemency Ayo Johnson/Imogen Merritt Ife Johnson

    Matthew Sage Johnson (middle name begins with s, and relates to wisdom)
    Isadora Olivia Johnson

    Savannah & Richard are expecting twins. They already have Vera Jane, Jasper Oliver and Opal Rose. They want to continue this style of names and would like to maintain the theme of having the subsequent child's first initial the same as the previous child's middle initial (VJ, JO, OR). As such the first born out of the two twins should have a first name beginning with R. The first and middle should also have the same amount of letters. Names should not overlap among the different twin sets. Savannah and Richard need to be prepared for the following outcomes: BB, GG, GB, BG (in terms of birth order, as birth order amidst the B/G twins affects which child will be given the R name.)

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