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    Darby Virginia.

    Angela "Angie" and her husband Christopher are expecting their sixth. They do not know what the gender is, and must be prepared for all outcomes. Angie and Christopher's elder children are: Huxley Percival "Huck", James Alexander "Jem", Rosemary Giuliana "Rose", Vincenzo Michael "Enzo", and Susannah Josephine. Angie is a big fan of literary names, while Christopher prefers passing down family names (James, Alexander, Mary, Vincenzo/Vincent, Susan, and Joseph are all family names). Angie and Christopher would prefer not to repeat initials (no A, C, H, J, R, V, E, S) or have similar ending sounds. Other family names are: Julian, Carmella, Peter, Christina, Anne/Anna, Isadore, Isabella, and Alfredo. Suggestions from Susannah are: Bluebelle, Butterfly, Baby Bo and Mouse. Ideas?