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    Ellis Claudia Williams

    Parents would like their baby girl's first name to be European in origin (e.g. French, Italian, Scandinavian) however it should not begin with D,F, H, K, P, Z or begin with a vowel, and should be exactly two syllables. The middle name should have the meaning "beautiful" whilst the third name should a flower name that is 4 or more syllables. Last name is Wallace.

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    Mia Callista Amaryllis Wallace

    LN: starts with "R"
    Twins - unsure of sex still so you need to supply 3 sets (girl.girl or boy.boy or girl.boy): Aristocratic First name, 1st middle name named after one of the first 20 British members of the royal family in line for the throne, 2nd middle name a French name

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    Cicely Beatrice Manon R. & Bryony Louise Amandine R.
    Cyril Henry Marius R. & Percy James Corentin R.
    Ottilie Zara Isaline R. & Hamish Charles Gaetan R.

    Eleanor "Nora" & Alexander "Alex" Curran are expecting their first child, a little girl. They would like her first name to be of Spanish origin, because Spain was where they honeymooned. Her middle name should be a tribute to Margaret, Nora's beloved grandmother who died just last year, but they do not wish to use the name Margaret as is.

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    Alana Marie Grace

    Uhura and Patrick are expecting a boy and a girl. Uhura's parents were huge fans of Star Trek but she resents the geeky connotations her name has and doesn't want her children to have popular TV or film names. Patrick wants English sounding names which aren't too common but he wants to be able to mention his children to business colleagues without sounding too individual. Both agree that the twins should have more than one syllable names but Uhura is totally against alliteration within either twin's name or between both twins (so no Alice Annabel or Bill and Betty).
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    Theodore Nathaniel Edward Charles Benedict

    Coralie Aurelia Alaïs Gwennan Isabelle Ophelia

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    Curtis James
    Pamela Marie

    Elizabeth and Mark are expecting a boy. There heritage is English. They would like non-popular proper English or Welsh names.

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