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    May 2013

    new made up name i here yesterday !

    yesterday i meet a lovely 3 yrs old girl with the name drummoll please ! Rainbelia Charlotte ! i love it ! what do you think ? how do you think its pronunced ?

    p.s sorry for any grammar mistakes i dont speak english very well

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    Jan 2013
    Em...Honestly, I think it's no good to say the least. Raina Belle, yes. Rain Bella Lee, maybe. But Rainbelia, not so keen. I can only understand made-up name if it's meaningful.
    I will take a guess and say it is pronounced "rain-belle-ee-uh". Actually, I don't know because I know no girls with that name. How did she pronounce it, OP?

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    May 2013
    She was pronounced it rain -bay -lee -a. I don't realy like the pronunciation.I think I prefer Rainbella

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    I don't know if I like "rain-bay-lee-a" but Rainbella is okay. I definitely prefer just Rain though.
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    The whole thing looks like someone played babyname scrabble. OR tried to put the first initial of all the most important people in their life in one childs name. eek. Rainbelia makes me think of umbrellas/umbrelli's. (As does Rainbella - I think it's the whole Bell shape matched with falling rain imagery and the umbrella and bella have the sam ella ending).
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