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    In Need of Name Lists

    Hi, I am looking for three syllable names that end in a consonant sound. Lets just say that I didn't marry my husband for his last name. It is a little strange and I think this will help balance it out. My last name also starts with B so no B names. I prefer names that are not unheard of but also not in the top 100. Thank you so much for your help!!

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    Mom to Alexander Patrick (10), Madelyn Esther (7), Genevieve Susan (2), and angel baby Theodore James (stillborn at 37 weeks on February 3, 2014).

    Hoping to welcome another little one into our family in 2015.

    Girls: Bridget, Elizabeth, Isadora, Felicity, Helena, Marianne, Violet, Penelope, Ophelia, Victoria
    Boys: Sebastian, Everett, Julian, Henry, Caspian, Desmond, Arthur, Nicholas, Anthony, Barnaby

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    Lightbulb Middle-Name-Game

    I too am in a bit of a name dilemma! I'm having a girl in June. I have a son, Brock Matthew. Our last name starts with B and has two syllables, so it flows really well. I have been obsessing over names THIS go, which includes trying to find the perfect symmetry for all three names. Right now, my husband and I are in agreement on only two names: Shelby and Chelsea (I prefer Chelsie spelling). I've been pairing these names with one-syllable middle names, like Chelsie Clare or Shelby Cate, but I'm starting to think a three-syllable middle name might work best. I like seeing Genevieve in this convo! It's hard to think of LONG middle names besides ELIZABETH!

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