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Thread: Regina?

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    I have a friend with this name (pronounced REG-EE-NAH), no teasing at all.
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    My older half-sister's name is Regina, and as far as I know she's never been teased about her name. She goes by Gina.

    ETA: She also pronounces it Reg-EE-nah.
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    As far as I know, it's pronounced Reg-EE-nuh everywhere in the U.S. and it's a common enough name that most people have heard it. So if you live in the U.S., I doubt she'll be teased at all. I mean, any name can be turned into something tease-worthy and many can be turned into something crass or derogatory, but the possibility of Regina being turned into Reg-eye-nuh in the U.S. is low, in my opinion.

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    I know that the name is preonounces REG-EE-NAH but here in canada ( where I live) There is a city called Regina BUT it is pronounced RE-JAI- NAH ( rhymes with the female anatomy)

    So thats my only concer but I do like the name and DH even said i can add it to the long list... im still unsure!
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    I've always loved Regina and wondered why it's so underused! I've only ever heard it pronounced as reg-ee-nuh (like in Mean Girls) so it doesn't sound too similar in my opinion. I like Regina nn Gina the best. And I've always loved Regina and Bridget for twins.

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