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    I really like it! The flow is good, Lux is offset nicely by retro Josephine and Lux & Domino are great together, so it ticks all the boxes for me.
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    I love it! Two of my favorite names, and Domino and Lux sound really good together.
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    I prefer Josephine to Lux. I'm afraid Lux is the brand of soap my parents always bought and I still use Lux shower gel...
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    I prefer Josephine. I think Lux makes a great mn but I wouldn't use it for a first name. I have the soap brand in my head as well. But more importantly, the flow of Lux Earle isn't appealing (luxearle).
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    Cool idea... I think I'm with Mischa on the flow of Lux Earle. If that's your last name, I'd rethink the one-syllable first.

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