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    What do you think of this name?

    My aunt and uncle are having a baby. It is a boy and they are going to name it:

    Haupert Michael
    (by the way, Haupert is the first name and Michael is a middle name.) The last name is Padilla.

    I personally don't like the name that much and I think it sounds too much like a last name, but its not the worst name ever. What do you think?

    by the way, it's pronounced "how - purt".

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    Haupert sounds familiar...I'm not sure why.

    It sounds more like a surname than a first, I'm not really a fan. I think of Harper.

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    It sounds like they couldn't decide between Howard or Rupert.

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    It's odd. I've never heard of it before. I wonder if it's a family name. I agree with augustalee, sounds like a cross between Howard and Rupert. By the way, you probably shouldn't advertise your aunt and uncle's surname online.
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