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    If I had triplets, I couldn't resist a botanical theme. How about:

    Juniper Matilda (nn June)
    Marigold Faye (nn Maggie)
    Hazel Beatrix

    Matilda Sailor or Faye Matilda | Sylvie Wren or Simon Adler | Alice Violetta or Atlas Dov | Julian 'Jules' River or Juniper 'Joon' Lovelace | Roscoe Fox or Marlowe Fritz | Jane Lucinda or Lucien Wilde | Louisa Valor or Eloise March | Ivan Elliot or Iris Cordelia | August Jack or Jasper Hale | Dashiell Jude or Judah Reeve | Thea Marina or Marigold 'Maggie' Wynn | Finnegan Wallace or Felix Raphael

    Just a grad student dreaming ahead...

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    Here goes nothing

    Holly Maxwell - I have always loved the name Holly, Maxwell is cute for a girl, i think.
    Zoe Storm - Zoe is a gorgeous name! Storm is a family name.
    Juno Lily - Juno has been a fave of mine for a long time. Lily's are my fave flowers.

    Ladies: Holly|Storm|Lily|Juno|Indy|Zoe
    Gents: Jonty|Jordan|Hunter|James|Xavier|Kyan

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    Top 3 would be:
    Eliana Irene = God has answered + peace
    Anastasia Margaret= resurrection + pearl
    Elizabeth Ruth = God is my pledge + friend
    Meaningful names combined with family names with great nickname potential.
    Mommy to John Alexander & 3 furbabies; Maggie the dog, Rex & Bella the wannabe lions

    Current favourites: girls -Eliana [Bronwen, Joy, Claire, Irene], Leora [Irene, Bronwen, Bronwyn], Sarah Elise, Anna Charlotte, Adelaide, Phoebe, Kathryn, Elizabeth, Anastasia, Celeste, Astrid, Beatrix, Lucy
    boys: Callum, Arthur [Paul or William], Nathaniel, Samuel, Zachary, Elijah

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Mine would be:

    Isabelle Aurora Grace "Bella"
    Arianne Eleanor Kate "Ari"
    Olivia Wren Camille "Liv/Olive"

    Why? Why does anyone love the names they love? I would attempt to explain it but I cut my finger at work and the bandage is causing a ton of annoying typos. Mostly, they honor family, values I respect, composers and literary characters I love. And Isabelle, Arianne, and Olivia are that perfect blend of feminine sweetness that's not too frilly, but not too formal, either, and that would all look good on a resume. They're cute for little girls, but they're respectable for grown up women with grown up dreams.
    twenty-something name lover dreaming of adoption.

    Isabelle | Arianne | Olivia | Violet | Catherine | Emmeline | Lillian | Charlotte | Eleni | Anne-Sophie | Tess | Eva | Winter | Hazel
    Caleb | Everett | Jack | Avery | Zane | Samuel | Grant | Declan | Brody | Bailey | Addison | Leo | Grayson

    "Ma patrie, c’est la langue française." - Albert Camus

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    Stella Claire, Julie Soleil and Heather Ava. I simply like the first names, middles all have some sort of meaning.

    Alexander Owen ~ Patrick Thomas ~ Jack ~ Mark ~ Conor ~ Nolan ~ Ian ~ Vincent ~ Caleb
    Nora ~ Claire ~ Stella ~ Madeleine ~ Ava ~ Soleil ~ Gabrielle ~ Leah

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