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    Domenica is beautiful. Definitely try to incorporate it in your final choice!

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    I like Lucia Isabel very pretty!

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    Ontario, Canada
    I love:
    Lucia Cassia (CASS-e-uh)
    Lucia Aria
    Aria Domenica
    Aria Charlotte
    Talia Domenica
    Cassia Domenica

    I like:
    Aria Spencer
    Seraphina Clove
    Aurelia Isabel

    I dislike:
    Spencer Lucia - I can't wrap my mind around Spencer as a girl's name. There is nothing pretty or nice about it. It is strong and handsome.

    As a side note I love when first and middle names both end in the "ah" sound. My name Cynthia Celina both end that way and I always found it sounded elegant. Some people don't care for it, but once you hear it often it grows on you.
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    I like Lucia Cassia but with the CASH-uh pronunciation. Aria Spencer is nice but it's very Pretty Little Liars.

    My vote goes to Aria Charlotte. But I think Aria Isabel or even Seraphina Charlotte is better if you're open to those.

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    Lucia[/name] Cassia (CASS-e-uh) - lovely, interesting, natural, but both names end in -ia, my vote is 4,1
    Lucia Aria -both names end with -ia, lovely combo, interesting, but Aria is getting popular so my vote is 3,6
    Aria Spencer - pretty little liars, masculine middle, 2.4
    Seraphina Clove you mean Clover? Anyway, it's 4,9 because it's interesting
    Aria Domenica - dislike Domenica, but interesting, 4,3
    Aria Charlotte - boring, 3,5, but lovely
    Talia Domenica - interesting, 4,3
    Cassia Domenica - boring, 3,1
    Spencer Lucia - nothing special about it, 2,8
    Aurelia Isabel - interesting, 3,9
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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