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    Magnus Roland- I like Magnus but don't care for Roland. It's hard to have both first and middle names be last names
    August Benedict- I really love the perfect combination of uniqueness and vintage
    Lysander Quinn- A handsome sounding name but not a big fan of Lysander

    Beatrice Emmeline- Love Beatrice although Emmeline is not my type of name. Flows nicely though
    Charlotte Ophelia- Love everything about this name. It's classic and beautiful!
    Ellington Briar- Sounds to masculine for me

    William Robert
    Elliot Joseph
    Henry Graham

    Serena Katharine
    Juliette Rose
    Susannah Faye
    Serena, Juliet, Susannah, Rosalie, Josephine, Aurelia, Viola, Faye, Dorothy, Cecilia, Audrey, Lucille, Georgia, Matilda, Ruby, Florence, Antoinette, Margaret & Vivienne

    Lincoln, Elliot, Atticus, George, Robert, Quincy, Harrison, Remington, Jethro, Emmett, Phineas, Roscoe, Louis, Reed, Henry, Jasper, Arthur, Linus, Hadrian & August

    Maple, Roslin, Reverie, Phaedra, Fable, Rogue, Providence, Astrid, Percival, Legend, Galatea, Serenity, Apollo, Eowyn, Anwen, Rhiannon, Magnus, Glory & Nova

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