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Thread: Layla or Leila

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    aurra-Leila is also Arabic It is my mothers name and is pronounced Lee-Lah. It is a gorgeous name.

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    I prefer Layla, it's a lovely name. I like the suggestion of Layla Violet.

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    I also prefer the look of Layla. The one Leila I know pronounces her name Lee-luh.

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    Laila/Layla/Leila is a funny one x_x It seems to have two separate roots, one Arabic and one Nordic. There's also the Hawaiian Leilani (lay-lah-nee) but I'm leaving that one for now.

    This is what I've found so far on Forvo when I checked spelling against pronunciation:

    Swedish/Norwegian/Finnish LAILA: 'lie-la'
    Swedish/Norwegian/Finnish LEILA: 'lay-la'

    German LEILA: 'lee-la'

    Hebrew LAILA: 'lie-la'

    Azerbaijani LAYLA: 'lie-la'

    I then went hunting down a classical Arabic pronunciation and found a (beautiful) reading of a Qu'ran passage in which the speaker says the word 'night'. There it's been transcribed as 'laylati/u'. Click on LAYLA below to hear it for yourselves:

    Classical Arabic LAYLA: 'lay-la'


    In conclusion it seems that (not counting changes in dialect as there are some modern Arabic based languages who use 'lie-la') that:

    Classical Arabic pronunciation = 'lay-la' (with Layla or Laila as the spellings)
    Nordic pronunciation = 'lie-la' (as Laila) and 'lay-la' (as Leila).

    Neither root uses the 'lee-la' pronunciation.

    The Germans seem to be the only anomaly, pronouncing Leila as 'lee-la' which I find very odd (since nein is 'n-eye-n' and Liesl is 'lee-zl') Of course, that gentleman could be an anomaly himself as his was the only German entry.


    My personal preference is the Arabic pronunciation with Laila as the spelling.
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    I think there will be far less confusion about pronunciation with Layla. For some reason, I really like nature names with Layla

    Layla Rose, Layla Wren, Layla Hyacinth, Layla Hazel, Layla Brooke, Layla Peony, Layla Clementine
    I like simple yet versatile names that work well for the athlete, the comic, the genius, and the judge.

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