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Thread: Iris Juliet ...

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    I think a one syllable name is best, and I really like Iris Juliet Eve, it's so very pretty. I'm not usually a Pearl fan, but here it works. And Iris Juliet Nell is gorgeous as well.

    Personally I would choose Eve. Or maybe Joy or Rose.
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    My favorites are Iris Juliet Pearl and Iris Juliet Eve. Both are beautiful names.
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    Iris Juliet Pearl!!!

    What a stunning name.

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    Iris Juliet Pearl is magical! Second pick would be Iris Juliet Eve.

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    YAY!! I don't mean to be obnoxious but this was my combo I suggested to you and so of course I LOVE love love it!!! I am so deeply jealous because my husband isn't quite on board with Iris (yet) and for me it's just drenched in loveliness. I also think of Iris on the movie The Holiday and her character is awesome

    I like....
    Iris Juliet Pearl
    Iris Pearl Juliet
    Iris Juliet Eve

    This girl is going to have a beautiful name!! Lucky little lady.

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