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Thread: Alena

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    Alena is Alaina to me.
    Elena is El-leh-na preferrably.

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    I pronounce it like Alaina, same with Elena except with an E at the beginning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dindlee View Post
    Just wanted to say that I ADORE Seren Elena. Love love love. With such a gorgeous name I wouldn't call her Sam. Seren is stunning.
    So maybe I should just keep Seren Elena and forget about Sam as a nickname.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolv View Post
    Well, it depends in what tradition you pronounce it. This is a common Czech name, and then it's AH-leh-na with the stress on the first syllable,but soft vowels thereafter.

    This is comparable to the Italian Elena, which also has soft syllables. It's EH-lehna, not Eh-LAY-na, in Italian.

    But in an English context, I think there are really no rules, so you can tel lpeople to pronounce it any way you want.
    I would have pronounced it AH-leh-na as well. Because it is a middle name, the pronunciation issues aren't as big of a deal. That being said I really love Seren Elena. When it comes to middles, I always feel like people should follow their heart and do what makes them happy. If Alena makes you happy, then go for it.
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    I don't know how too explain...Basically, in Slavic languages there is a letter pronounced like "yo" and(I suppose you talk about Slavic Alena) they pronounce it "Uh-l-yo-nuh". Not Alina(uh-lee-nuh), it's a different name.
    Alena is a Medieval version of Elena, if I remember correctly.

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