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    CAF with similar sounds small name banks

    DH: Jonah, Jonas, or Joseph
    MN: Ryan, Orion, or Rowan

    DW: Mary. Marie, or Maria
    MN: Anne, Anneliese, Anael

    DD/DD (12): Cara, Cora or Kira / Addison, Adeline, or Adelaide
    MN: Sophie, Sophia or Seraphina / Maisie, Daisy or Paisley

    DS (10): Evan, Evander, or Everett
    MN: Kai, Ty, or Guy

    DD (9): Isabelle, Annabelle, or Bellamy
    MN: Maia, Kaia, or Gaia

    DS/DS (6): August, Austin or Auden / Logan, Lachlan or Lonan
    MN: Quinn, Finn or Wynn / Dexter, Daxton or Paxton

    DD (3): Genevieve, Niamh, or Eve
    MN: Darcy, Delaney or Darby

    Dog: Rufus, Rupert or Rudolph
    -- Aimee --

    Margaret, Clara, Genevieve, Felicity, Niamh, Eloise, Adelaide, Fiona, Isabelle, Flora, Maeve

    Dean, Asher, Leon, Rowan, Spencer, Gideon, Gabriel, Logan, Alexander, Ezra, Jordan

    GPs: Ophelia, Thisbe, Magnolia, Xanthe, Magnus, Bailey, Darcy, Matteo and Kiernan

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    Jan 2014
    DH: Jonah Rowan
    DW: Marie Anneliese

    DD/DD: Cora Seraphina & Adeline Daisy (12)
    DS: Evan Kai (10)
    DD: Annabelle Gaia (9)
    DS/DS: August Quinn & Lachlan Dexter (6)
    DD: Genevieve Darcy (3)

    Dog: Rupert

    Simon Frederick ~ Walter Lewis ~ Charles August ~ Thomas

    Eleanor Violet ~ Alice Ruby ~ Rose Juliet

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    Jul 2012
    DH: Jonas Ryan
    DW: Marie Anneliese
    DD/DD (12): Kira Sophia / Adeline Maisie
    DS (10): Everett Kai
    DD (9): Annabelle Maia
    DS/DS (6): August Wynn / Lachlan Dexter
    DD (3): Genevieve Darcy

    Dog: Rufus

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    Britberry (Wales -UK)
    DH: Jonah Orion

    DW: Maria Anneliese

    DD/DD (12):Cara Serephina / Adelaide Maisie

    DS (10): Evan Kai

    DD (9): Bellamy Gaia

    DS/DS (6): Auden Quinn/ Logan Dexter

    DD (3): Genevieve Delaney

    Dog: Rudolph
    *Britberry* Dani
    ❤ B&L❤
    Love thinking up name combos

    Fave combos:Sawyer Phoenix Castiel?~Logan Elijah Mark~ Elijah Talon Jakob~ Xavier Kye (Kai) Roscoe~Spencer Devon Mitchell / Kairi Peyton Alana~ Marnie Isabeau Grace~ Wynter Amethyst- (Mysti/Thya''Thea'') Nova Madisyn~Cailyn Schuyler ❤
    GP's: Castiel. Auron (Oren) Gunner, Orion, Roman, Zeke.

    Not trying but thinking of the future..

    "All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust." -Peter Pan.

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    DH- Jonas Ryan Copper
    DW- Marie Ann Copper

    DD1/DD2- Paisley Addison Copper/ Maisie Sophia Copper (17)
    DS1- Everett Kai Copper (15)
    DD3- Kaia Isabelle Copper (14)
    DS2/DS3- Austin Finn Copper/ Logan Paxton (11)
    DD4- Niahm Delaney Copper (8)

    Dog- Rudy

    Girls: Paisley(17), Maisie(17), Kaia(14), Niahm(8)

    Boys: Everett(15), Austin(11), Logan(11)

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