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    I've liked Owen for a long time. It feels like the name of a sweet little boy with an old soul to me.
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    I've gone back and forth between like and love with this name, but I think in the end it has everything but quirk. It is sweet in its simplicity, well-known but not uber-popular. I see a sweet, rascally little boy, and a thoughtful, intelligent man. But it is a bit on the tame side, so for my son we spiced it up with Maddox in the middle. We love it

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    I definitely like it. It's simple and straightforward but doesn't feel dated or trendy. It's easy to spell and pronounce. The meaning isn't unpleasant and it has a nice sound. I could never use it because of my surname, but I think it's a fantastic name.
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    It is a good solid name.
    -easy to say
    -easy to spell
    -ages well
    -has history
    -has a good meaning
    -has a cute nickname "O"

    That being said, I don't care for it at all. It super ridiculously popular where I live. It went from being super uncommon to being a top 5 name here. It seems trendy and lost all of its appeal for me. My co-worker has a son named Owen and there was always at least 2-3 other Owens in his class. Once you throw in Cowens and Cohens, which are also super popular here, they are all start to sound tired and boring.

    I try to follow the birth announcements for my area, and for a couple of years now it has been one of the most commonly used names, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down at all.
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    Owen's a great name. I love its simplicity.
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