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    Lydia is beautiful.

    Mama to Amelie Clara (2008) & Daisy Madeline (2013).

    Lucy, Ivy, Maya, Clara Rosabel, Victoria, Alice, Molly, Juliet, Annabel, Sofia.
    Charlie, Arthur, William, Isaac, Noah, Finn, Vincent, Alexander, Zachary, Oscar.

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    Lydia is such a beautiful name. I'd consider it to be a classic and the nickname Lydie is lovely, too.
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    I love the name Lydia! It' so pretty, simple, and elegant. How about Lydia Christine?
    Lydia Christine
    Lydia Faith
    Lydia Raine
    Lydia Waverley
    Lydia Stephanie
    Lydia Danielle

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    Love lydia, I know 2 (one is my best friend!)
    Their names are:
    Lydia Grace (bit of a dull middle but works well with little sister Jemima Rose - am in the UK, think in the US Jemima has some problems)
    Lydia Susanne (a family name)
    Maya Lakshmi
    If I had a baby now it would be:
    Ottilie Melanie Beatrice or Piper Jesse Raymond Maxwell or Archer
    Some crushes: Romilly, Willa, Fiona, Bronwyn, Camilla, Lucia, Rosalind
    Maybe Middles for girlies: Illyria, Miriam, Lakshmi, Hermione
    And Guys: Casper, Timothy, Eliot, Theodore

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    hmm... i suppose you're right. my hubbie came up with Gracelynn- no idea where he got it from! I think we'll finally rule out cleopatra! Thanks for your help, any more suggestions?


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