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    So many gorgeous names! Danaë, Thalia, Aziza, Amaryllis and Oriana are all on my list, too. Love your taste.

    g w e n

    Beatrix Odette Coraline Celia
    Jett Zephyr Prosper Emrys

    Viola Belphoebe Esmé Leocadia Cosima Vale Cleo Iphigenia
    Dash Apollo Madoc Orion Emmett Orlando Kieran August

    Sancia Blue ⋆ Saffron Emilia ⋆ Opal Isadora ⋆ Celia Belle ⋆ Finn Azriel ⋆ Mars Auberon
    v o t e
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    There are some amazing names on these lists. Seriously, wow. Good thing I write stories, cuz though I may not be able to use these names for the upcoming kid (if we have a third though, some of these would be awesome), at least I can use some of them in a short story or book. The only problem with learning of so many awesome names is it makes me want to use one of them, but our choice of Mayna is pretty much set in stone (for several important reasons). Though I do have to say, just looking specifically at the name, there are actually quite a few I like more than Mayna.

    @ottilie- Awesome list! Of course. Don't think you have the capacity to make a bad list. My favorites on the first read through are probably Ariadne, Cassia, Cressida, Euphemia, Evadne, Ophelia and Phaedra (which all happen to be Greek names... interesting)

    @bonfire- My favorites from your seriously awesome list would be Calanthe, Melisande, Anais (though I'm not quite sure how to pronounce it), Viveca and Adalia.

    @alzora- Wow. Amazing. My favorites from your list would be Acacia (maybe my favorite from any of the lists actually), Amelina, Annora, Avalon, Callista, Samara and Viviana.

    @geekname- I really like Aviva, Azenor and Senna from your list.

    So many awesome names! I might have to give out a bunch of them to future students of mine who ask for English names (I live in China).
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