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  • Edmond

    7 15.22%
  • Edmund

    39 84.78%
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    I voted for Edmund. It is softer than Edmond, which I imagine being shouted by strict, sharp-featured French noblewoman.
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    I prefer Edmund, it looks better and also Edmond I'd want to pronounce the 'o' more.

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    I think both are nice, but I went with Edmund, as I can come up with more (literary, historical) associations with this spelling.
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    I would only use the Edmond spelling if I had French ancestry or lived in a French speaking area of the world.

    Edmund is the traditional spelling for English speakers and for some reason, I think it looks more strong and masculine with a "u" than an "o".
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    Quote Originally Posted by greyer View Post
    I'm in the minority and prefer Edmond, but that's because of a family association. Both spellings are fine.
    Ditto this exactly Irish great granddad was an Edmond.
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