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  • Reagan (RAY-gan)

    26 59.09%
  • Teagan (TAY-gan)

    18 40.91%
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    Reagan, I suppose. I prefer Teagan but pronounce it tee-gin, not tay-gin.
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    I have known several Teagans and not a single one of them says Tay-gin. I've never even heard of it being pronounced that way! It sounds really awkward to me and I'm sure she will have her name pronounced wrong most of the time anyways. I voted Reagan because it actually works with the pronunciation you want where as Teagan does not.

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    I voted for Reagan, but would have gone with Teagan if pronounced TEE-gan.
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    Is "TAY-gan" even a valid pronunciation for Teagan? I've only heard it said "TEE-gan."

    I prefer Teagan with the latter pronunciation. Reagan is rugged and overly masculine and somewhat dated...
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    Tee-gan's much softer and approachable sounding than Tay-gan. Ray-gan sounds like Ray Gun to me or a bug spray.

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