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    Names you hear in a toy store!

    So I work weekends in a toy store on the Gold Coast, Australia, and every week I'm stunned by some of the names I hear, both in good and bad ways to be honest!
    So far this week I've heard about a zillion Charlotte's, which is inconvenient (that's my name) but I've also witnessed mum and dad yelling out to:
    - Nixon
    - Cisco & Velvet (siblings)
    - Maggie & Perry (siblings)
    - Adanna
    - Lala (wondering if this was a nickname? Pretty sure it'd have to be...)
    - Aurora & Freddie (siblings)
    - Bridie
    - Devon (f)
    - Ellie & Evie (siblings)
    - Enzo

    Wondering if anyone else works in a similar area of retail or with kids and have heard some great ones! :) I'll make sure to post if I hear anything else cool!
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