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Thread: Baby Showers

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    I agree that a registry is a good idea (especially for weddings when it's big house-related things the couple's probably wanted for a long time), it's nice not to go shopping blindfolded. I however like for people to be creative and get me what they want me to have. I might be lucky though, my friends and family are amazing at getting good presents. I find money and gift certificates to be tacky though... I'd never give that, and I'd hate to receive it as well. So impersonal! And I think it's bad taste because you see the actual money people has spent. And I have to say, I want the presents we'll get for our wedding are personal and fun and things that when I look at them I think "Oh, that's from Lots (or whoever)".

    Lex, I love how you went about the cot sheet thing. That's what I like. You knew what they needed, and what kind of things they like, and then you found something you wanted to give them. Very clever.
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