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Thread: Baby Showers

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    I've only been to pre-baby showers. I've never heard of a shower post baby!

    I know people may disagree with me, but I think it's tacky to have showers for each kid. For me, showers are to give mom gifts for baby because she's never had one before. She doesn't need another crib/ stroller/ etc. my only exception to this is if there is a large 10+ years between kids. This happened to my friend... She had her first two early in her marriage, and then a little oops. She had given everything away at that point.
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    I didn't even know people had post-baby showers, but I don't see anything wrong with it. Pre-baby seems to make more sense since you can take all your baby shower goodies and start nesting. It gives you time to get all settled and prepared. But post-baby makes sense if family members can't make several trips and they want to see the little one along with everyone else.

    I think multiple showers are strange. But, this is coming from someone who blanched at the thought of having a bridal shower (seriously, isn't a wedding present enough?) Soooo there's that.
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    C&P; nope we don't do them over here! I've been to one baby shower (one!) and that was one my friends and I threw for one of my dearest girlfriends after her boyfriend told her - when she was seven months pregnant - that he did not want to be a dad and went back to Australia. So she was a 24 year old student all on her own (family's abroad) and we decided to give her everything she needed for the baby. OK, digression. I did not have a baby shower. Neither did my American/Aussie friends who live over here. I (excuse me for saying) find it weird that you ask your friends to buy cribs and buggies and all that stuff. Over here people bring presents when they come to see the baby; clothes, toys, books, cute stuff. My parents bought us a stroller, my boyfriend's parents the car seat.

    I don't think it matters if you have the shower before or after the baby's born. I get why some people would wait until the baby is there safe and sound. I think a big shower where you get mama&newborn essentials is a bit weird with the second child, you should have everything you need. But you could have a mini-shower where you get more things like I mentioned earlier. But to each their own!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    I (excuse me for saying) find it weird that you ask your friends to buy cribs and buggies and all that stuff. Over here people bring presents when they come to see the baby; clothes, toys, books, cute stuff. My parents bought us a stroller, my boyfriend's parents the car seat.
    Yeah that sounds more like it. In my experience, the parents tend to help out beforehand with the bigger/more expensive things (car seats, prams, cots etc) then once the baby's here, all other family and friends may bring little pressies when they first meet him/her. Then they might get a little something again if the baby is christened.

    And I agree- I would feel weird throwing a party where people are expected to buy you stuff :/

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    1. Like others, I've never heard of a baby shower being given post-baby. I find the idea a little strange, but, eh, I guess it doesn't really matter.

    2. My best friend had showers for all three of her children. (But they were with different partners.) I thought it was great! Every baby deserves to be celebrated. When I was little, I came across pictures of my mom's baby shower when she was pregnant with me. I asked her where the pictures for my younger sister's shower were, and I remember being SO UPSET that she didn't get one. It just didn't seem fair. But there are other ways you can celebrate a baby than just a traditional shower if the mother feels awkward about asking for more gifts. Like others have mentioned, you can have a diaper shower, or I really like the idea of "sprinkles" that sweetpeacelove talked about. Or just some sort of party would be fine, and people can bring gifts if they felt like it. I just would really hate for one of my kids to experience the same sadness I felt when I found out that my sister's birth wasn't celebrated.

    3. Yes, it is a sweet idea! I went to a shower about a year ago where we were asked to bring a copy of our favorite children's book for the new baby. I loved that so much that I suggested to my best friend (who threw my shower) that she do the same when she sent out the invitations. We now have a nice little library of children books set up in the nursery.
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