View Poll Results: Which go best with Ramona, Frances, Calvin, Esther & Margot? Pick as many as you like

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  • Sylvie Maude

    24 19.67%
  • Sylvie Theodora

    36 29.51%
  • Beatrix Odette

    39 31.97%
  • Beatrix Blythe

    25 20.49%
  • Blythe Susannah

    17 13.93%
  • Blythe Isadora

    22 18.03%
  • Louisa Betty

    28 22.95%
  • Harriet Maxine

    41 33.61%
  • Hazel Thomasine

    46 37.70%
  • Nora Delphinium

    19 15.57%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    The only fn I don't like with Ramona, Frances, Calvin, Esther and Margot is Blythe. It has more of a contemporary feel than the vintage names of your children so I would use it for a middle name. I also think Ramona/Margot/Nora are a bit too similar. I voted for Sylvie Maude and Hazel Thomasine on your poll. I love some of the other names but not with the middle name choices.

    These names would be lovely with Blythe in the middle spot...

    Louisa Blythe
    Susannah Blythe
    Harriet Blythe
    This. I think Blythe is a little out of sync with your other names. I voted for Harriet Maxine and Beatrix Odette. I love, love Odette with Beatrix! I would have voted for Louisa too, but I don't like it with Betty. Louisa Blythe however... I also really like Susannah Blyth.
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    Thank you all for the responses. It's interesting to see that several people suggested Louisa Blythe and Susannah Blythe - both lovely combinations.

    sarahmezz - Beatrix Pearl was one of the names on our list that missed out on being included in the poll, which allows only ten choices. We ultimately went with the other options because we think the alliterative Beatrix Blythe and the offbeat Odette are a bit more unexpected than Pearl.
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    I love Louisa Betty! Nora is a close second for me.

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    I voted for Beatrix Odette because it sounds amazing and it goes really well with your other kids names.
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    I think Harriet Maxine goes best with your sibset. I also voted for Hazel and Nora just because I like them. I also like Beatrix Odette with sibs.

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