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View Poll Results: Which go best with Ramona, Frances, Calvin, Esther & Margot? Pick as many as you like

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  • Sylvie Maude

    24 19.67%
  • Sylvie Theodora

    36 29.51%
  • Beatrix Odette

    39 31.97%
  • Beatrix Blythe

    25 20.49%
  • Blythe Susannah

    17 13.93%
  • Blythe Isadora

    22 18.03%
  • Louisa Betty

    28 22.95%
  • Harriet Maxine

    41 33.61%
  • Hazel Thomasine

    46 37.70%
  • Nora Delphinium

    19 15.57%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Apr 2012

    Sylvie, Beatrix, Blythe, Harriet, Hazel, Louisa or Nora?

    Bub is due to arrive in less than two months, and we would love to hear your thoughts on the shortlist we've come up with. Girls' names, I've decided, are much trickier than boys' - so many possibilities, so few poll options.

    I forgot to mention this in our boys' poll (which can be found right over here: but as well as voting for the name/s you like, it would be helpful if you could vote with siblings' names in mind.

    Thanks in advance. Oh, and feedback is most welcome!
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    I think all of the names go well with your children's names except for Sylvie. My favorite from your list is Beatrix, followed by Blythe and Louisa.

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    Jan 2012
    Ramona is my top name! I also have Beatrix, Louisa, Hazel and Norah on my list!

    Great names! Sylvie is cute too!
    boys names drive me crazy!

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    Beatrix is simply gorgeous! It has a very classic feel while also having just a hint of spunk with that x at the end. I feel like Ramona has some added spunk because of the book character and Margot, Esther, and Frances just feel like they are totally coming back, as Beatrix should. I voted for both options, but I think Beatrix Odette is the best!
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    Hazel Thomasine is my favorite, but I also voted for Harriet Maxine and Beatrix Odette.
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