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    Long CAF (using my paternal family's initials)

    Last initial is for the last name!

    DH: MAV
    DW: KHV

    DS1: EVV
    DD1: SHB
    DS2: SOV
    DD2: ZLO
    DD3: EVA

    DS1: EVV
    Wife: SBV

    DD1: SHB
    Husband: PIB
    Daughter: SEL
    Son: SJB
    Son: ADB

    --Daughter: SEL
    --Husband: ALL
    -----Son: KRL

    --Son: SJB
    --Wife: MRB
    -----Daughter: LEB
    -----Son: ANB

    DS2: SOV
    Wife: TIV
    Daughter: KEV
    Son: NAV

    DD2: ZLO
    Husband: SLO
    Son: ERO
    Daughter: ERO

    --Son: ERO
    --Wife: ADM-O
    -----Daughter: NJO

    DD3: EVA
    Husband: MRA
    Son: AMA
    June 13th, 2015
    💞 the day I married the love of my life 💞

    || Behara || Begemina || Elif || Ejlem || Luna || Merima ||
    || Amran || Elham || Hakan || Ilijas || Ibrahim || Naser ||

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    DH: Magnus Avett Voss
    DW: Karolina Helena Voss

    DS1: Everett Verhoeven Voss
    DD1: Sabrina Helena Barton
    DS2: Sebastian Otto Voss
    DD2: Zara Lavinia Olsen
    DD3: Emmeline Victoria Argyll

    DS1: Everett Verhoeven Voss
    Wife: Sophie Beatrix Voss

    DD1: Sabrina Helena Barton
    Husband: Peter Ishmael Barton
    Daughter: Sadie Eleanor Larsson
    Son: Sven Jameson Barton
    Son: Axel Dexter Barton

    --Daughter: Sadie Eleanor Larsson
    --Husband: Alexander Lukas Larsson
    -----Son: Kasper Rolf Larsson

    --Son: Sven Jameson Barton
    --Wife: Maria Rose Barton
    -----Daughter: Lucia Eleanor Barton
    -----Son: Ambrose Nicholas Barton

    DS2: Sebastian Otto Voss
    Wife: Tabitha Isabella Voss
    Daughter: Karolina Eve Voss
    Son: Niles Avett Voss

    DD2: Zara Lavinia Olsen
    Husband: Samuel Lysander Olsen
    Son: Emmett Remus Olsen
    Daughter: Evangeline Rhea Olsen

    --Son: Emmett Remus Olsen
    --Wife: Aria Daphne Martin-Olsen
    -----Daughter: Noelle Jane Olsen

    DD3: Emmeline Victoria Argyll
    Husband: Malcolm Reginald Argyll
    Son: Alasdair Malcolm Argyll
    Current Favs:

    Margaret * Fife * Pippa * Eleanor * Annabel * Zara * Harriet * Clementine * Aurelia * Mae

    Andrew * Samuel * Everett * Leo * Jack * River * Frederick * Gatsby * Henry * Jude

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    Upstate NY
    SN: Viccar
    DH: Macsen Andrew
    DW: Kerrigan Hailey

    DS1: Eamon Vander
    DD1: Sutton Hazel
    DS2: Silas Oliver
    DD2: Zara Leisel
    DD3: Eloise Vera

    Macsen and Kerri Viccar, and their children: Eamon, Sutton, Silas, Zara & Lola

    SN: Viccar
    DS1: Eamon Vander
    Wife: Sadie Bianca

    Eamon & Sadie Viccar

    SN: Briar
    DD1: Sutton Hazel
    Husband: Piers Isaac
    Daughter: Seren Eloise
    Son: Simon Jonas
    Son: Abram Dax

    Sutton and Piers Brennan, and their children: Seren, Simon & Abram

    SN: Lancing
    --Daughter: Seren Eloise
    --Husband: Asher Lucas
    -----Son: Killian Rhys

    Seren and Asher Lancing, and their son Killian

    SN: Briar
    --Son: Simon Jonas
    --Wife: Mollie Reagan
    -----Daughter: Lilah Eloise
    -----Son: Atticus Noel

    Simon and Mollie Briar, and their children Lilah & Atticus

    SN: Viccar
    DS2: Silas Oliver
    Wife: Teagan Isabelle
    Daughter: Kerrigan Emma
    Son: Nolan Anthony

    Silas and Teagan Viccar, and their children: Kerrigan & Nolan

    SN: O'Callahan
    DD2: Zara Leisel
    Husband: Spencer Landry
    Son: Elias Roman
    Daughter: Esme Romilly

    Zara and Spencer O'Callahan, and their children: Elias & Esme

    SN: O'Callahan
    --Son: Elias Roman
    --Wife: Amelia Delaney Morris-O'Callahan
    -----Daughter: Natalie Jude

    Elias & Amelia O'Callahan, and their daughter Natalie

    SN: Avens
    DD3: Eloise Vera
    Husband: Milo Rhys
    Son: Abel Miles

    Lola and Milo Avens, and their son Abel

    Agatha Louise - 'Aggie'
    Proud Step-Mom To
    Maddox Owen | Ryker Matthew
    Expecting First Biological Child - Little Girl - June 2014

    Abram | Abel | Breccan | Brooks | Foster | Killian | Macsen | Milo | Silas
    Aurelia | Ever | Eloise | Madigan | Maeva | Noa | Romilly | Rowan | Wren

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