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    Kierrason is one of the middle names of my best friend - Elisa Kierrason Estrellana and we always said we would try and do a "namesake", but Kierasin or Kierasen are also good alternatives! Thank you, everyone!

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    I do not like -son names for girls, ever. This name really looks like you are trying hard too make Keira youneek. This trend needs to be retired ASAP. Sorry I don't have more positive feedback for you.

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    Boy's name. No matter the spelling.
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    Keira would be a much better alternative. My first thoughts were "made up" and "sounds like kerosene". Not a fan, sorry.
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    The sound of the name reminds me a bit of kerosene for some reason. Also, my first instinct on the first part of the name Kierra would be more like KEE-air-a rather than KEER-ah. If KEER-ah-sin, you might consider a more straightforward spelling.

    I really do like Kira and Keira though.
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