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    What do you think of my top five names

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    They're all lovely! My faves would be Elijah Ryan & Sean Avery.
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    I'm starting to really appreciate Hadrian (Hadriel is another that's pretty great). Hadrian Jude is my favorite from your list. Felix is another name I really like, so that definitely gets second place for me. I don't like Elijah too much, though I quite like some of his variations (Elias, Eli, Elian, Elliott). Peter and Sean are fine, nothing wrong with them, just not to my style and a bit boring for my taste.
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    I don't know why, but I strongly dislike Felix. I think either of an extremely geeky kid or a big, fluffy cat. The rest are ok, but the one that stands out the most is Hadrian Jude. I'm really digging it...
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    1. Peter Ezekiel - I really hate Peter but really like Ezekiel.
    2. Hadrian Jude - Hadrian has an interesting sound and Jude is likable but they have such different imagery I can't see them together. Would use Hadriel with Jude.
    3. Felix Isaiah - Like.
    4. Elijah Ryan - Pleasant, but a bit meh, especially Ryan. Elijah's fine but prefer a lot of other Biblical E's to it, including Eli, Ezra, and Ezekiel as well as less popular ones.
    5. Sean Avery - Oddly, I like Shane and Seamus but not Sean. I'd like Avery Sean more than Sean Avery.

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