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    I would keep Alice. Henry, George, and Alice sounds wonderful!
    Saorise is a lovely name, but is very different from Henry and George.
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    Saiorse Helena has a bit of a repetitive sound. Alice Helena sounds better and fits better in the sibset! I'd keep it. If you're really concerned, maybe Alice Elena?
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    Definitely keep Alice! She is perfect with your sons' names. I would consider changing the middle if it bothers you, but I wouldn't stress too much about it.

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    I'm not a fan of Saoirse, sorry. I would keep Alice Helena if you already picked it. If you wanted to, you could change to a variation of Alice and consider calling her Alice as a nickname. Maybe Allison? Or Alyssa? Alexandra might also work. Then maybe change Helena to Elena?

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    I would keep the name you chose, its a beautiful name. Or else maybe Alice Saoirse

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