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    Desperately seeking... the name for little Zelda's brother

    Berry from London is looking for help!
    I'm proud mom of Zelda Astrid, age 2 (we wanted to name her Zelda Adele, but singer's popularity caused some kind of fling - little Adeles were everywhere. And something was wrong with this double EL, even if they are pronounced different). My husband is great lover of F. Scott Fitzgerald's writing - Zelda was obvious choice for us.
    Now were waiting for a boy, due in 2 weeks (ha-ha. Zelda was for 100% sure a boy, doctors said. If my children share the sense of humor, I will have one more daughter).
    After a couple of sleepless nights we narrowed down our list to:

    We don't have ANY IDEA of middle name. Something scandinavian once again? Well welcomed, my husband is Dane. His gfathers were Mads and Leif.

    All the opinions would be greatly appreciated. All the new ideas - too, maybe that will be you to name our son, who knows?

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    I really like Atticus from your list. I also think Hugo and Huxley go well with Zelda
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    Hugo gets my vote

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    I like most of your list!

    But here are my faves using the family mentioned:

    Gideon Lief
    Magnus Dane
    Huxley Mads
    Salinger Dane
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    Hugo and Huxley are my favorites with Zelda.

    I really like Hugo Salinger and Huxley Atticus. However, if you want to go with something Scandinavian for a nn, I like Hugo Lars and Huxley Anders.

    Other ideas: Rudyard Leif, Bram Pontus, Tennyson Dane, Whitman Mads.
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