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    Declan would probably be my first choice sound wise, but I like Fraser because of Shep choosing it and especially if it's after a place he used to camp, etc. That's a really nice association and name story for someone to have. Glenn is a perfectly good name, but I don't think it fits very well with your other kids!

    I wouldn't choose Alaska as a name right now, just because of the sudden and extreme popularity of the book "Looking For Alaska", which will make the name seem incredibly trendy and probably dated in a few years. Juno/Juneau would be a cool alternative, though! And I think Indy goes better with your other children's names, as well.
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    Firstly, I'd like to say that I think your story is rather fanciful and, well, unbelieveable. But, in the interests of playing along, here are my thoughts...

    Fraser Glenn & India Skye
    Baby girl due on June 20, 2016

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    Declan would be my first choice, followed by Glenn and then Fraser.

    I don't get the appeal of Alaska or Indy at all. To be frank, they sound like great names for a pet, rather silly for a human being. I'd go with Skye or Daisy up front if I were you or find something else.

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    I think Fraser Declan is cute or Fraser Glenn or Fraser Owen. - Although personally I love the spelling Fraizer.

    have you thought of India and then nickname her Indy. - India Skye, India Daisy.
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    I like...
    Declan Owen
    Fraser Toby

    I do definitely think both Declan and Owen are trendy, especially Owen. But if you don't care about that or popularity, then no worries! I love the nn Dex for Declan.

    Fraser is pretty cool and unique! I don't think I've ever seen it mentioned on here! It's very special that Shep came up with it

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