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    Which middle for Sawyer?

    Now that we've established exactly when we are going to start TTC (August), the idea of having a second child has become more of a reality and not just a distant thought. Unless I find something else in the process of TTC/pregnancy, Sawyer looks to be my #1 contender for another daughter, with Merit being a close 2nd. So, which middle name sounds the best with Sawyer?

    Sawyer Faye (should I spell it Faye or Fae?)
    Sawyer Alys
    Sawyer Blue (Blue was my late father's nickname, I have debated whether to use it or not since it's become somewhat of a "celebrity" name)
    Sawyer Wren (this one might clash with our last name though, which ends in -son and has a prominent R sound)

    Suggestions are also welcome. I would prefer 1 syllable, possibly 2 and no names that end in -a.
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    I really like Sawyer for a girl, especially with Rowan.
    Sawyer Faye- this is really pretty, i like the softness of Faye against Sawyer (i prefer Faye)
    Sawyer Alys- is this pronounced like Alice or A-leese?
    Sawyer Blue- i do like this but i sort of sounds like a brand name, like a cologne or something. But i love that Blue was your Dad's nickname
    Sawyer Wren- this is my favourite. If you're worried about it clashing with your last name, how about Sawyer Lark?
    I also thought that Sawyer Fern(e) sounds lovely.

    Btw, i met a lovely girl in her twenties the other day called Rowan; she was really cool, an artist but super down to earth and smart. Anyway, i couldn't resist asking if she had any siblings and what they were called (she must have thought i was mad!). To my delight she had two sisters- Jocelyn and Frances.
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    Sawyer Blue sounds too masculine to me. I live your first daughters name with unisex feel of the first name and the simple, classic, and feminine middle name. For that reason, I like Sawyer Faye the best. But I would consider other classic names like Jane. Sawyer Rose, Sawyer Anne, and Sawyer Clare sound great to me.
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    Sawyer Alys. I feel like Sawyer and Rowan have a similar feel and Jane and Alys do as well. The others don't feel like Jane, ykwim?

    Sawyer Alys. It's lovely.
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    Sawyer Wren is my favorite. Sawyer Faye is a very close second.
    I would love to use Sawyer if we have a dd2, but my husband's not really into it. Some of the middle names I like with it are: Sawyer Eden, Sawyer Mae, Sawyer Elizabeth, Sawyer Grace, Sawyer Belle.

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