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    I do think Elliot and Elinor are to close for siblings. I am not a fan of Archibald but I do like Archer. Elliot and Archer work well together. From you lists of names, I really like Oscar, Adam, and Gabriel. As for your girls names, Elinor is my favorite but I do think it precludes using Elliot. With Elliot, I like Adele, Maxine, Rose, Hnnah, and Cleo.
    I like simple yet versatile names that work well for the athlete, the comic, the genius, and the judge.

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    Thanks for your kindness, Tangocamper.
    I really love Olive. It's a good idea.

    Thanks Paw and Pinkballerina !

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    I like Elliott, not sure on Archibald but they do go together well. What about Archer? I love the nickname Archie. Very sweet. I would give them fresh, modern middle names to prevent the name from being too heavy.

    Elliott Parker
    Elliott Cole
    Elliott Fletcher
    Elliott Preston
    Elliott Cade

    Archibald Noel
    Archibald Tucker
    Archibald Tanner
    Archibald Noah

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    Thanks !

    Archer ... No :| Sorry. I prefer Archibald but Archer is nice for a nickname.
    I'm looking for an international name (all my family is French with some Spanish and German origins).

    None Ali. I'm sorry. I'm picky.

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