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    I'll run you through what's happening to me.

    Desktop PC running Windows 7 on the latest version of Firefox.

    If I click on "New Posts" and scroll to the bottom to go to page 2 and up, the "jump to page" bar pops up and covers the numbers up. There are ways around it, I can manually enter the page number (although this has caused my browser to crash a time or two) or scroll back up to the top to go to the next page (which is what I've been doing), but I'm assuming it's a glitch because it doesn't seem to be happening anywhere by on the "New Posts" section.

    Also, and this might just be something that annoys me, when I hit the "back" button after reading a thread, it takes me back to the top of the page I was previously on, rather than the section of the page I was on. Most forums I've been on don't do that, and I don't remember NB doing that before. If it's meant to be that way, it would help if viewed threads changed color so I could quickly find my place again, rather than having to read them all to figure out where I was. I hate scrolling.

    It drives me nuts having to scroll up or down the forum pages to get to the next page or get to the thread I wanted to read next. I've just been opening every thread I'm interested in reading into a new tab to solve my level of annoyance. This works when there's only a few that capture my attention, but my computer gets upset with me when there are 20 threads that look interesting.
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    I was having a lot of trouble with Firefox the first several days after the new site went live, but I'm already seeing so many improvements. Thanks Pam and the Nameberry team!
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    I can't see any of the name meanings or descriptions on my browser when I click on a link. Every name just shows the gender an popularity when I click on a link from the forums, but when I search the name it all shows up, and the site looks really grainy. Anyone else having this problem?

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    Can someone tell me where to find the pronounciation on the name pages? It used to be in the top left hand side of the page (if there was an exact pronounciation) but I can't see it anywhere. Thanks.
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    There have been some bugs with the new nameberry. Can the nameberry folks please give us an update on what has been fixed and when things will be fixed

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