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    Quote Originally Posted by maja View Post
    I loathe the way that, if you try to access a list, you have to click through endless pages to see all the names.
    I wasn't too fond of that either, but they have a button next to the pages numbers at the bottom of the page that says "Show All", and that will give you a view of the names like the old nameberry. I use that, it's just one extra click.
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    Oh, I didn't know that, thanks so much! Wonderful. I will definitely be doing that.
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    Cannot contribute/add to name pages anymore?

    Is it just me, or can I no longer find the function to add or edit the "Famous people named ___" and "Pop culture references for the name ___" on the name info pages?

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    Sometimes (but not always) when I try to go to the second (or other beyond the first) page of a thread or a forum, it will say that the link is invalid (but often if I refresh the page it will then work).

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    The 'New Posts' button doesn't appear on the mobile version of the site, or if the browser window isn't at full size.
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