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    I'm running into the problem where I'm logged in, but I don't have posting privileges. It says "Hello, GoodHope" at the top like everything's okay, but at the bottom of the page, it warns me that I may not post new threads/replies/make edits and so on. To get those posting privileges back, I have to log out and log back in.
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    It looks like some of the issues have been fixed! Yay!

    Edit: Looks like the forum is still having an issue going to other pages. The "jump to" box blocks the page numbers, and if I try to manually put the page number into the "jump to" box, it boots me off the site.
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    The new layout is nice, but on my iPad I find it's impossible to get to the end of a forum. Clicking on the "last" button does nothing, and the "jump to page" exits me out of the screen. It takes me minutes to get to the end. It's a problem because I spend so much time playing name games that require me to look and see what the last poster said. It's extremely aggravating.

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    I really like it it is fancy and girly and works well on my mac. Somethings don't load but my boarding house has dodgy connection.
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    I loathe the way that, if you try to access a list, you have to click through endless pages to see all the names. I'm a writer, and I need a full list of a certain type of name on one page in order to make character-naming decisions properly -- I'm not going to stick around to click from page to page until I'm done. If Nameberry's lists won't serve this purpose, I'm going to have to find another site, which is sad. But other than that, I do like the new Nameberry -- layout is nice, and it seems a bit faster.

    But please don't do this endless click thing with the lists! I'm almost wondering if it's trying to serve the same purpose as those loathsome "slideshows" on news websites, where the point is to get as many clicks as possible, rather than to optimize the user's experience.
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