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    Nov 2011
    Looks nice. Having problems with speed, my lists won't save my edits and sometimes when I click on a link nothing happens. Sure it will get worked out soon and be better than ever.

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    Dec 2012
    Overall I like the new Nameberry. But I do have some things that bug me:

    - the slowness
    - the fact that there is no live "Names Recently Searched" on my phone. On my computer it is there but I usually use my phone so its quite disheartening as I loved that feature
    - I can't save any changes to my lists!!!! I press save and then the save button disappears completely. Then when I press the " see all lists" button it doesn't work! I have to go back to my stuff to see all my lists. This one is DEFINITELY the most annoying for me....

    Just call me Pandora...

    Orpheus Brian Roscoe, Apollo Michael Leander, Rainier Finnian Castor, Tristan Eli Declan, Stellan Wolfram Asher, Florian Ezra Lucius, Pyramus Damon Emery, Raphael William Laszlo
    Matilda Rosamund June, Adelaide Poppy Renée , Rosalie Elena Iris , Mary Aine Willow, Ariadne Margot Lilith, Isobel Calliope Snow, Nadia Ivy Elizabeth, Eleanor Beatrice Rain

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    Ok, I hate change and the new site won't load for me at work
    Oh, one other thing: it is annoying that it automatically adds the quote now. If we don't delete it, it could really clog up the boards. It is really unnecessary, but without the quote there, I can't see what I am reply to! Erg!
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    In my opinion, I'm not too thrilled about the nee layout. I thought the old NameBerry was cute, while this seems a bit too modern. And it took me forever to find the settings.
    But I do love the Bonus Blog, the Super Searcher and how it loads faster.
    Teenberry. INFP. Ravenclaw. Passions: art, theatre, music, psychology, yoga, meditation, naming, and reading.
    (Changing my name to Zoie Willow.)

    For a future...
    Ever-so Darling Daughter:
    Opal Eleanor ~ Lavender Elaine ~ Harmony Ophelia Maude ~ Poet Aurelia Charlotte

    Splendid Son:
    Sebastian River - Hugo William Alistair - Hawthorne Timothy Lewis - Rivers Cornelius Henry

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    It's green? ha...
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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