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    Can someone tell me where to find the pronounciation on the name pages? It used to be in the top left hand side of the page (if there was an exact pronounciation) but I can't see it anywhere. Thanks.
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    There have been some bugs with the new nameberry. Can the nameberry folks please give us an update on what has been fixed and when things will be fixed

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    Is everyone else still unable to edit lists? It's beginning to get on my nerves.
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    Don't know where to put this, so I'm just going to put it here in the hopes that somebody sees it.

    It's Ian Ziering! Not Ian Zwering.
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    My apologies if this has already been adressed, I didn't read through all the posts in this thread. You see, that's just my problem. I cannot read past the first page of any part of the forum on my iPhone. Attempts either do nothing, or crash Safari. It's very frustrating!

    Nor can I edit my personal name lists from my phone. Or rather, I can, but it does not save the changes.

    That being said - a huge thank you to Pam & Linda and the design team for trying to make NB more mobile friendly. It's gonn be fab!
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